Is This Love That I’m Feeling, Is This The Love That I’ve Been Searching For

A few independent women I know have inspired me to join in their conspiracy of marriage conversation.   These friends have posted thought provoking blogs that beg to be discussed.  How many relationships have we all had where we tested out the we are one mentality?  It just doesn’t work.  You stop seeing your friends, you stay home all the time like a grandma, and you delve yourself into that man’s life head-first and completely disappear from your own.  And you end up miserable and alone.  

Women, just have fun and live your life!  If the right guy pops along, so be it.  But don’t sit up gazing into the moonlight, pining away for someone you haven’t even met yet.  Really look at your life.  Are you already happy?  Are you having fun?  Do you like yourself?  If you can’t – at this moment -answer yes to these basic questions – change your life.  Don’t pray for someone else to do it for you, because they won’t.  Have your own interests, your own dreams to fulfill.  Don’t let the generic societal map of college=job=marriage=kids=death dictate your own personal world.  Keep your family and friends close to your heart, and your ambition strong and alive.  A strong sense of self and the proud feeling of at least attempting to accomplish your dreams will bring about quality of life that makes your existence valuable. True love is finding someone who wants a complete person to love, and who isn’t looking to be one-half of a lovey-dovey whole. 

[Originally posted on MySpace April 20, 2006]

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