Zoobilee Zoo

As I look at my niece’s nightgown with the cutest little giraffe on the front, I am reminded.  Giraffes exist.  Elongated, unaffected creatures roam the same earth as I do.  This magnificant creature accompanies my narcissistic being on the same stretch of land.  As I lay anxiety ridden about my goals and my destiny…the giraffe is out there.  The giraffe aspires to just be.  The giraffe doesn’t grapple with career choices or bad hair days or yearn for that kick-ass pair of pumps in the window.  It chews its grass and is beautiful and powerful and gentle without even trying.  The giraffe.  My newfound serenity.  A creature to look up to… bad pun.  And I was doing so well at sounding profound.  The giraffe doesn’t try to sound all cerebral and introspective.  I am so not a giraffe.  Damn it.


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2 Responses to Zoobilee Zoo

  1. Slaminator says:

    Everything you’ve posted on here is soo good, but this is by far my favorite – I LOVE it. I absolutely get it!

  2. OysterSunshine says:

    You’ll always be my giraffe-child, no matter how much of an adult you grow up to be. Love your wise and witty writings.

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