The Nightmare that Followed Three’s Company

A lunch time discussion about “Three’s Company” reminded me of the terror I would feel immediately following watching Jack Tripper and the gang.  Because right after reruns of that wacky sitcom about maddening misunderstandings came that helicopter noise.  That grainy vision of an army base would flash before me.  Usually I would get up and turn off the TV before it would happen.  I would bolt out of my seat and rush to the dial.  But sometimes I would dose off or not pay attention and I would pay the price.  Because the opening scene from “Mash” would literally scare me into an irrational paralysis.  I felt like it could see me thus I couldn’t move or it would attack.  It is the exact fear I would get whenever a message from the Emergency Broadcasting System would interrupt my regular programming.  That loud beep would glue me to the couch cushion.  I had no remote to save me.  I would wince and tense up during the entire torturous ordeal.  I often wonder if there are any more of us out there.  The meek who were powerless against the televised assaults of “Mash” and the emergency alerts.  Or am I destined to carry this burden alone?

[I wrote this blog on Wednesday, January 23, 2008.  Originally posted on MySpace.]

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