Moonlight Drive Mixtape

There are songs that are sexy, and then there are the songs that make your chest heave, blood pump, forehead bead with sweat, and your every molecule vibrate. They make you drop to your knees and run your fingers through your hair as you writhe against inanimate objects. Whether you’re in love, pining for another, or just had your heart smashed into a billion bloody pieces, these ten songs will awaken each lusty cell in your being. They are best heard while under a slight wine buzz in a candlelight room with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to take in the sensation violation.

Depeche Mode “I Feel You” “I feel you, your precious soul, and I am whole. I feel you, your rising sun, my kingdom comes.”

Garbage “Number One Crush”
“I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart, and tear it apart.”

Placebo “Running Up That Hill” (Kate Bush cover)
“You don’t want to hurt me, but see how deep the bullet lies.”

Scissor Sisters “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough” “And it can’t come quickly enough, and now you’ve spent your life waiting for this moment, and when you finally saw it come it passed you by and left you so defeated.”

She Wants Revenge “She Loves Me She Loves Me Not”
“Perhaps one day..nevermind. All those nights we shared, were we just killing time…”

Radiohead “Talk Show Host”
“You want me? Well come on and break the door down. You want me? F***ing come on and break the door down. I’m ready.”

Portishead “Mysterons” (Live at Roseland NYC)
“Refuse to surrender, strung out until ripped apart.”

Massive Attack “Angel”
“To love you love you love you love you …”

Big Blue Missile feat. Scott Weiland “Time of the Season” (The Zombies cover)
“And let me try with pleasured hands, to take you in the sun, to promised lands.”

Concrete Blonde “The Sky is a Poisonous Garden” “Eleanor trembles, Eleanor moans. Somehow this body is someone she always has known.”

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