Quest for Fabulousness

Donald Draper cruising down the coast in a rented luxury convertible.  Jayne Mansfield soaking her sun-kissed starlet skin in a frothy bubble bath.  Esther Williams in a fitted swim cap and diamond earrings twirling her way through a synchronized swim routine. 

Effortless elegance.  Living breathing magificence.  I want it.  I want to be dripping with lifestyle, decadence, and brilliance.  I want the world to stare with baited breath as I flip my hair away from my face to say something, to say anything.

Fabulousness is presentation, unabashed confidence, and a twinge of old black and white Hollywood glamour.  It is looking at the world and thinking how lucky you are to be a part of it, and how lucky the world is to have you in it.  Fabulousness is surrendering yourself to the universe, following the subtle cues life gives you to lead you to your destined path, so much so that you begin creating the cues for yourself. 

I unknowingly had begun my journey long ago by surrounding myself with exciting, creative, and trustworthy friends.  Without these people in my life, I wouldn’t even have the energy or will to become greater than I am.  I vowed years ago only to aquire items I truly love, not because of the label or because someone else I admired had it.  Materials can help create the illusion of fabulousness, but they will do nothing to get you to the inate grace in your inner core.  You have to truly be one of a kind, to allow your passions to dictate your direction and purpose in life. 

And so I’ve embarked upon publishing this Mimosa Meltdown blog page for the world to see.  Writing is the one part of myself that I have always loved, and the one expression of myself that consumes me with joy and a heart racing sense of accomplishment.  I can’t not write, I wouldn’t even know how.  And I can’t lie in my writing.  Within my writing you can see me, all of me, and I’m no longer afraid to share that with anyone and everyone who cares to read it.  Even if nobody reads any of it, it is out there, I’ve done it, I’m getting it all out and letting it all go.

To be truly fabulous, you need to stop caring if others are judging you, and then you achieve such a level of coolness that it never crosses your mind just how fabulous you really are.   When you reach this point, others will tell you how fabulous you are.  And if they don’t, you will see it in their eyes as they yearn to find their own fabulousness. 

And if none of this works, I’m going to wrap my hair in velcro rollers, pour myself a cocktail, and pop in an episode of Mad Men.  I’ll watch Joan saunter her curves down office corridors and fantasize that I am a volumptuous 1960s redhead bombshell ready to torture the world with the twinkle in my eye and the bounce in my step.  I’ll fantasize so hard that I just may become her.

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2 Responses to Quest for Fabulousness

  1. Nichole says:

    I love you and all your fabulousness!

  2. OysterSunshine says:

    You may be more or maybe less cooler than me (of course, a reference to a true cool Mike Posner), but I believe we’re both cool in the quest for internal happiness that much of the world just does not get. You’re dynamite, and you’ll never break my heart, as cool Taio would say.

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