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Scarecrow and Mrs. King

I have a vivid memory of being really little at the dinner table with my dad, stepmom, and little sister.  I was getting anxious because we must have been eating late for some reason.  Worried, I said something like, “Hurry up, … Continue reading

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Night Moon

I’ve always loved the song “Night Moon”.  I’m in the mood to hear it, so I went on youtube to find it.  Turns out that Bob Seger song is actually called “Night Moves” and isn’t about a moon at all.  This depresses me.  … Continue reading

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No One’s Going to Take Me Alive

MUSE: Los Angeles Staples Center 9/26/10 Growing up, my parents used to wake me up every Sunday morning to go to Catholic church.  For me, church was not a particularly enlightening experience.  I mostly would end up feeling depressed because of the priest’s fervent insistence that … Continue reading

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Are You Living in a Dreamworld

Last night I dreamt I was at an outdoor mall with my friend Nichole and we began hearing music.  I quickly realized that Adam Lambert was singing my favorite Scissor Sisters’ song “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”, so I ran through the … Continue reading

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Love, I Get So Lost Sometimes

I have terrible anxiety.  Usually it hits me with no warning, and often with no reason.  I’ll just be going about my day, and suddenly I’ll have a hard time breathing and I’ll have the irrational urge to crawl right … Continue reading

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Katy Perry: Sesame Streetwalker?

Hi Elmo!  I’m Katy!  Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Katy Perry is bubbly, adorable, and fun.  Her music videos overflow with plushy desserts and happy rainbows.  She wears candy colored costumes.  She is basically a human birthday … Continue reading

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Bear Hug

Today I watched a youtube video that a friend posted on facebook of a kitten riding on a turtle.  I began wondering how many people might be bothered by this video.  Some would say it is not normal and our desire to domesticate these animals … Continue reading

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