Peach Buzz

Within my circle of friends, I am known as the CMO.  My full title is Mimosa Hermosa Stevens, Chief Mimosa Officer.  This is not a title I take lightly.  I am very passionate about the role I was given in this world.  And my top order of business is to notify the population when a new and exciting liquid bubbly hits the market. I feel it is my social obligation to spread the fizzy love.  Andre, the ever so elegant champagne brand that can be found next to the refrigerated wines and beers at your local supermarket, now offers peach champagne.  Andre Peach Passion is flirty.  She is fruity.  She will refresh your taste buds while forcing you to utter out an involuntary ‘yum!’  She is best when served very chilled.  She likes to be enjoyed on a sunny Saturday morning on the sandy shores of the Pacific.  She will enrich your life and replenish your soul.  And at only $5.99 a bottle, she proves that class doesn’t always come with a wallet gouging price sticker.  So treat yourself this Labor Day.  You work hard.  Relax and get to some much deserved cork popping.  Or in this case, twisting.  Yep, she is a twist off.  To quote the devishly dapper Ron Burgundy, “Stay classy, San Diego.”  Cheers friends.

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