Creature Awareness

It is basic knowledge that we are all creatures.  We learn in preschool what types of animals are in the world, and we are of the human kind.  We are animals.  But as time goes on, we forget what this really means.  We are mammals that walk this earth on two legs.  We need oxygen and food to survive.  We are creatures.

Whenever I think about this concept, I get a mixture of anxiety and relief.  The anxiety comes from knowing that we are not all powerful beings, that no matter how much money we have, how pretty our outfit looks in the morning, and how banging our love life is, we are still at the core an animal.  Cut off our oxygen and we are dead.  The relief comes from the temporary release of the pressure that we put upon ourselves to become hyper important self-actualized beings.  Because nobody knows why we are here.  Donald Trump with his mounds of cash is no more human than that homeless person you saw today begging for change at the freeway exit.  The rich and famous don’t get to know the secrets of the universe anymore than the toddler asking his mommy in church, “What is God?”

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be the best we can be, because we should be.  But we need to shift our thinking of what ‘best’ means.  Maybe we should be trying for the ‘best’ life instead of the best title on our business cards.  We should be asking ourselves what makes us truly happy, and then DO those things.  It seems obvious, but in our crazed lives, we forget to remember what we really want out of life.  If you want to be a dancer in Vegas, then dance, even if it is just on your kitchen linoleum.  Don’t let others discourage you.  Don’t be afraid of looking stupid.  Imagine a cheetah tripping while running.  Do the other cheetahs stand around laughing at their fallen friend?  No.  If they did, Animal Planet would be much more comedic.  So what if another human animal laughs at you?  They will just go home that night and worry about their own problems and forget the chuckle they got out of your stumble.  Know you are a creature and let this empower you to pull your car over on the side of the road and run through a random meadow.  Drive with the top down and feel the wind in your hair.  Howl at the moon in your pjs.  Live a little.

I am embarking on a creature awareness campaign.  We as humans need to stop taking ourselves so seriously.  We need to stop stressing out so much about our careers and our hairstyles and the make and models of our cars and take off our shoes and roam around in the grass for an afternoon.  Reconnect with our inner creatures.  I believe this renewed awareness will make us a happier race, and maybe we won’t kill ourselves off in a rush to be the most omnipotent creature on the planet.  Otherwise, we will ulcer ourselves into a dinosaur-like apocolypse, and as Perry Farrell says in his Porno For Pyros song, “We will make great pets.”

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