[From left, Dot Jones as Shannon Beiste, Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, and Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester]

Glee has returned.  Hard to believe with the show’s global adulation and Emmy nods and wins that only one season has aired, but here it is, the premiere of season two, and I’m already salivating over each pop art screen shot, dying to hear the next snappy insult Sue Sylvester has up her windbreaker sleeve.

A lot happened, but the storyline I most enjoyed was that of the new female football coach.  She is big and burly with the build of a linebacker, with her only attempt at femininity a stain of red lipstick on her pursed mouth.  She goes by the name Shannon Beiste, pronounced ‘Beast’, and Sue Sylvester is not happy about her arrival.  Not only is Beiste invading on her cheerleading budget, but Beiste is a woman of power in warm up clothes, an obvious threat for our hateful cheerleading queen.  Will Schuester is not impressed either, because she is also taking away from his already pathetic glee budget.

So in a surprising turn of events, Sue and Will team up to make Beiste’s life miserable in “Operation Mean Girls”.  First plan of attack?  Having 25 pizzas delivered to Beiste in the locker room as she is berading the football team.  As they watch Beiste’s confused face as she explains she didn’t order the pizzas, Sue and Will are outside the door doubled over in hysterics. 

The vision of the once enemies giggling like schoolgirls while launching a childish prank was enough for me to grab my remote and pause the show as I began laughing uncontrollably.  I started choking from laughing so hard, and tears were dripping from the sides of my eyes.  I had to rewind it about three times for complete satisfaction.  Sue and Will hate each other, they are constantly bickering and plotting the other’s demise.  So to see the two of them acting like giddy teenagers together was like how it would be to watch Superman and Lex Luther drinking beers with each other while exchanging high fives.  It was freakish and unnatural and completely unexpected.  It was fantastic.

As the show unfolded, I began feeling sympatetic towards Beiste.  So did Will, because he broke the short lived alliance with Sue and began sticking up for the new coach.  While I will miss seeing Sue and Will smiling from ear to ear in the same frame, I am looking forward to learning more about Beiste.  I have a feeling that eventually she might even become the first real friend to Sue. 

Next week is the Britney Spears episode.  It is sure to ooze epic costumes and pop culture nostalgia.  If we’re lucky, we may even see Sue Sylvester dancing seductively while wearing a live snake.  That is the beauty of Glee.  It is fun, imaginative, and doesn’t even have to always make sense.  It is fantasy, and no one does fantasy better than Ms. Spears.  In fact, Britney even has a perfume called Fantasy.  Let’s hope for the cast’s sake that Britney wasn’t wearing it during filming, because I’m pretty sure I recently saw it in the clearance bin at Marshall’s.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Fox.

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