Katy Perry: Sesame Streetwalker?

Hi Elmo!  I’m Katy!  Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Katy Perry is bubbly, adorable, and fun.  Her music videos overflow with plushy desserts and happy rainbows.  She wears candy colored costumes.  She is basically a human birthday cake.  So it is no surprise that kids would be drawn to her.  It makes sense for her to appear on Sesame Street.  Many stars have visited Sesame Street, which is fun for kids and adults because the kids get a taste of adult pop culture, and adults get to enjoy something they already love with their kids. 

Following in the footsteps of many musicians before her, Katy filmed a silly video with Elmo featuring a reworking of her hit song “Hot and Cold”.  Katy, with her big doll eyes and smooth porcelain skin seems like a perfect match for the glossy bright lights of children’s television. 

Growing up the daughter of Christian minister parents, Katy was criticized when she shot into stardom with her bicurious pop hit “I Kissed a Girl”.  Controversy has found Katy again, because her video with Elmo has now been banned from Sesame Street because of outraged adults regarding Katy’s choice of outfit.  The argument is that the dress is not appropriate for the impressionable eyeballs of preschoolers.

Katy is dressed like a princess.  Her outfit is practically identical to Disney icon Tinkerbell’s dress, except that Perry’s dress is much longer than Tinkerbell’s.  Ariel from the Little Mermaid swam around wearing a seashell bra while showcasing her midriff.  The Muppets’ own Miss Piggy has been featured in movies displaying more cleavage than Katy.

What sort of message is this sending to kids?  That you can only dress like are proud of your body if you are a cartoon or made of felt?  That you can’t show your body at all or you will be ridiculed and humiliated publicly? 

I wonder what these ‘concerned’ parents would have Katy wear instead.  A Hillary Clinton pant suit?  An easter dress?  Or perhaps a sky diving parachute?  She’s a pop singer, she is going to wear something youthful and flattering.  And I have a very hard time believing that Katy stormed into the studio and demanded she wear this exact outfit.  Chances are that the Sesame Street wardrobe department either gave her the dress or at least approved it.  Sesame Street had no problem with how Katy looked at all until parents started complaining.

Kids who do watch this video are going to dance and laugh and sing along with Katy and Elmo.  Kids will see a pretty girl who is friends with Elmo.  In fact, they are mostly going to be interested in Elmo and won’t be too concerned with Katy at all.  The people who will be checking out Katy are the adults.  Is Katy really destroying the innocence of our youth with obscene visions of her…shoulders?!  Gasp, was that a kneecap?  Cover little Tommy’s eyes quick!  Yes, there is a moment in the video when Katy and Elmo are playing tag, and Katy is chasing Elmo, and her boobs bounce around slightly like soft round clouds.  Newsflash kids, when females run, their boobs bounce.  It is gravity.  Blame the laws of physics, but don’t blame Katy. 

My theory is that the overprotective adults concerned with her outfit are either too aroused by her and can’t handle their own sexuality, or they are jealous of her because they don’t look like her or can’t fit into her adorable spritely little dress.  Did they forget that the first day we are born into this world, we drink from own mother’s breasts for nourishment?  I mean, let’s get real, the reality of that is more traumatizing then visions of any pop star in any dress.  So as soon as we switch to the bottle, we magically forget what boobs are?  We don’t and we shouldn’t.  They are body parts and they are hurting NO ONE.

Now Sesame Street will not show Katy’s video on the broadcast.  It is only available online.  Good job PBS for reinforcing that girls and women should be ashamed of their bodies and that we should cover ourselves up before someone calls us a slut.  More reasons for woman to hate themselves and feel self conscious!  Hooray! 

Below is the banned Katy Perry and Elmo video.  Watch at your own risk because you will see a real live flesh and blood woman who is wearing a dress!

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4 Responses to Katy Perry: Sesame Streetwalker?

  1. Lizard! Tsst... Tsst! says:

    Even Oscar almost got out of his can to play with Katy and Elmo. So silly that this can’t be aired. One step forward, two steps back, I suppose.

  2. Shari Olson says:

    Holy! I never thought of Miss Piggy that way until now!
    Seriously, Sesame Street Producers, you obviously approved of the wardrobe which is very cute and very Katy. She did a wonderful job! (Elmo too . . .) They both deserve their spot and the kids deserve to enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for commenting Shari! And please feel free to come back to my blog and read other entries! I love and welcome new readers!! 🙂

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