Night Moon

I’ve always loved the song “Night Moon”.  I’m in the mood to hear it, so I went on youtube to find it.  Turns out that Bob Seger song is actually called “Night Moves” and isn’t about a moon at all. 

This depresses me.  As a lover of songs about the moon, I’ve always thought of this song as being particularly soothing and ethereal.  Night moves?  This just makes me think of John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever, and he has way too much chest hair going on to be soothing or ethereal.  Night moves also sounds like something a sexual predator might be working on.  More depression.

So I read all the lyrics for the song.  “Night Moves” is about two teenagers groping each other in the back seat of a 1960s Chevy.  “I used her, she used me.  But neither one cared.  We were getting our share.  Working on our night moves.”  This does not make me feel any better.  So the song is about meaningless boning at a drive in?

I’ve decided to still sing it as night moon.  No, night moon doesn’t even make sense, since I guess all moons are night moons.  But if the two teenagers in the song didn’t care about each other, then I’m not going to care about using the proper lyrics.

Ooooh night moon.  Working on the night moon in the summertime.  The sweet summertime.

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