Scarecrow and Mrs. King

I have a vivid memory of being really little at the dinner table with my dad, stepmom, and little sister.  I was getting anxious because we must have been eating late for some reason.  Worried, I said something like, “Hurry up, Scarecrow and Mrs. King is almost on!” 

They all started laughing at me.  “Ooooh, you love Scarecrow!  You want to marry him!” 

“No!  No I don’t!  Stop it!  I don’t love him!  He’s stupid!”, I cried, my face reddening by the second as I tried not to choke on my well balanced meal.

“Julia loves Scarecrow!  Na na na na na nah!  Julia and Scarecrow sitting in a tree!”  They wouldn’t stop!

They just kept laughing and taunting.  Granted, I’m sure they weren’t being quite as mean as I remember it, but at that moment, I prayed the brown shag carpet in our two-story Parma, Ohio house would just hurry up and swallow me whole.

Because I did love Scarecrow.  I loved him more than I had ever loved anything.  More than my My Child doll, my Malibu Barbie pink corvette, and even more than my beloved Glo Worm.  To me, Bruce Boxleitner was perfect.  His teeth were so white.  His skin was so tan.  His hair was so…feathered.

Hello, my name is Julia Charvat, and my first crush was on Scarecrow from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

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