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Lately I’ve had the complete lack of ability to focus on anything.  Like a hyper, sugar-slurping toddler, I feel I’ve developed a severe case of A.D.D.  I start something, then I get distracted by a text message or TV show or … Continue reading

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Oh Kermie!

This post is dedicated to Jim Henson’s brilliantly beloved wacky felt friends.  That’s right, I am talking about The Muppets.  The Muppets have a sort of sad puppy dog look that makes your heart just melt.  You somehow forget your own … Continue reading

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Publicity Stunt: Traffic Jam 101

This morning my instant messenger popped up, and it was my friend Mark notifying me of a huge traffic jam on the 101 and Sunset Blvd.  This normally isn’t news since there is more often than not a mess of … Continue reading

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Jake Shears’ Message to Suicidal Teens

In the following video, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters speaks out to suicidal teens who are persecuted for their sexual preference as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign.  Shears is inspiring, candid, intimate, and brave.  I can’t think … Continue reading

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Direct Me To The Sun

Video: “Only The Young” by Brandon Flowers If the circular vibrating ripples atop a stream of water during a light rain shower could make music, it would sound like “Only The Young” by Brandon Flowers.  This foggy, dreamy song purrs along like something you … Continue reading

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Primetime Pornstar

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this fall it seems as if there are more new television shows than in the history of all of broadcasting.  Finding new and entertaining shows that won’t be cancelled after six episodes can be a daunting task. But … Continue reading

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