Direct Me To The Sun

Video: “Only The Young” by Brandon Flowers

If the circular vibrating ripples atop a stream of water during a light rain shower could make music, it would sound like “Only The Young” by Brandon Flowers.  This foggy, dreamy song purrs along like something you might hear in your mind while swimming lazily around a pool by yourself on the rooftop of a five-star luxury hotel.

This glimmering, shimmering video is directed by Sophie Muller.  Muller also directed The Killers’ video for “Mr. Brightside”, bringing to life a lush, opulent dollhouse of envy and desire.  This time around she has infused the same glamour, but instead of Flowers being wrought with jealousy and lack of control, he has become the maestro of Vegas, willing the movements of twirling airborne acrobats with the calculated flick of his wrists.  He is an all-powerful force in a crisp tuxedo, illuminating an enormous disco ball with the gentle brush of his fingertips. 

At one point, Flowers stands still under the disco ball, hands in his pockets, looking like a devilish demigod as he gazes off to something only he can see.  If there is a heaven, and I somehow make it there, I hope to be greeted at the pearly gates by Brandon Flowers while the same disco ball hangs above us from a puffy cottonball cloud.

As he sings “and the sun will shine again”, I believe him, because in this moment, as I watch him orchestrate the Vegas elements to bend and break at his command, he is the one beckoning the sun to beam directly down on my pale, sun-starved face.  And the warmth consumes me as I watch the daredevil sky dancers spin and flutter above his sleek body that is posed like the statue of a King.

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