Lately I’ve had the complete lack of ability to focus on anything.  Like a hyper, sugar-slurping toddler, I feel I’ve developed a severe case of A.D.D.  I start something, then I get distracted by a text message or TV show or anything shiny, and then lose all motivation to go back to whatever it was I was working on.  I currently have about 15 unfinished blog drafts, most of which are random thoughts, words, and phrases that I have to save or else they will be lost in my short-circuited mind forever. 

Even my eyesight has lost focus.  I’m in desperate need of a new pair of contacts, but can’t get it together enough to even organize myself an eye exam. 

I know what I should do is remove myself from all social situations.  I need to go to the gym daily and eat balanced meals and skip the wine.  I need to repair all cells and molecules in my exhausted, anxious being.

But it is Halloween.  The one day a year where it is not only accepted, it is culturally encouraged to leave the house in a loud wig and glitter and face paint.  It is a day to completely become someone else.  And I’ve found that when I become someone else, really put in the effort, I learn more about my own wants and desires.

So thankfully today I’ve honed all the concentration I could muster into securing the final pieces of my Halloween disguise.  I’m putting all faith into the fact that this blowout debaucherous glorious mess of a Halloween weekend will rejuvenate my creative spirit and cleanse away my mental impurities.  West Hollywood, this is your official warning.  This lost, blind costume junkie is coming your way in pursuit of personal clarity.

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2 Responses to Blurry

  1. tiny says:

    Go to Positive Eyeons on Melrose, Dr. Ryan is a dreamboat. 🙂

  2. You sold me with ‘Positive Eyeons’. Thanks love!! 🙂

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