Mod Podge Mimosa

This past weekend I voluntarily quarantined myself to my apartment to organize my life.  I had never fully organized since my last move…and um that was in April….so it was long overdue.  I have a bad habit of getting distracted (or distracting myself) with social outings to avoid housework, but this time I was actually excited to set some time aside for myself to get done what I needed to get done.

Saturday went along swimmingly.  I accomplished a lot, rearranging furniture and putting up Christmas lights in my living room.  I blasted music, scrubbed floors, sorted through old clothes, and concentrated on de-cluttering my existence.

After a day of productivity, I stayed up late Saturday night watching Vanilla Sky, which happened to be playing on Starz.  I absolutely love this Cameron Crowe mind-trip, especially the line that says, “Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.”  Watching this movie about dreams, death, purpose, and consequences gave me even more of an oomph to get my life in order.

By Sunday morning I was feeling really great about the progress I had made.  While sorting through some of the things I was considering taking to the thrift store, I came across a large framed picture of some vases I had purchased at Big Lots (classy, I know) a few years ago.  I mainly had bought it because I really liked the silver frame, but then I realized I couldn’t take out the vase picture because it was attached to the frame.  I kept it around, half thinking I could one day do something with it, the other half thinking…well not thinking, the other half being too lazy to get rid of it.

Deciding I might just want to finally give in and give it to charity to get it out of my life, I moved it into my living room and set it against the wall.  Next to it was a tin that I have been keeping all of my crafting items in.  Inside were a bunch of pictures from magazines that I had cut out with the intention of mod podging the tin.

And then the ‘ding’ moment happened.  What if instead of mod podging the tin, I mod podged over the vase picture, thus still utilizing the frame?  I had purchased some glitter mod podge recently and had been dying to use it!

And so I began.  I set the picture down flat on my couch and got to work.  I spent hours arranging the pictures just right and slathering the images in the thick gluey substance.  And once I started, I just couldn’t stop.  What if I added an earring here?  What if I put sunglasses on all of the faces?  I need to add these killer boots somewhere.  The day dwindled away as I created.

And I loved every second.  I felt so productive, so focused as the ideas rushed out of me.  Hours flew by as my hands glistened with dried up gold glitter mod podge.

When I finally put on the last picture of a diamond ring, it was after 10 pm.  I climbed up onto a chair, took off the painting I had above my television, and replaced it with my new collage baby.  I stayed up for about another hour, sort of watching bad reality TV on the E! channel, but mostly gazing up at my new sparkly eye candy.

Using my imagination to produce something tangible, whether it be a blog, a concert review, a drawing, or a collage, gives me such a head rushing sense of accomplishment.  At that moment, looking at my completed work, all my troubles parted to the side and I was simply focused on what I had MADE.  It almost felt like I had photocopied a portion of my brain and was now gazing at it in the outside world.

So now I’m on an art kick.  I’m thinking of continuing on this new mod podge craze and making a series of collages with girls in sunglasses.

Crafting, its all the fun of an ice cream sundae but with none of the calories!

Close up without the frame to see detail:

Full visual with the frame:


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2 Responses to Mod Podge Mimosa

  1. tiny says:

    This is awesome. I think you should make a bunch of these and sell them on Etsy. They’d make awesome Christmas gifts 🙂

  2. Thanks so much!!! I LOVE Etsy I would be so happy to actually sell something on there instead of always buying stuff! I just might try it. 🙂

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