Nightstand Makeover

About four years ago, I found an end table by the trash at my apartment in Van Nuys.  It was in perfect condition, very plain, with black metal legs and a glass table top.  I needed a nightstand, and I felt that this freebie would do for the time being.  Ordinary furnishings bore me, so over the years I have spruced up the table by inserting different items in between the double glass top.  Printed cocktail napkins, pictures, anything to make it look special and fresh. 

Friday morning I awoke to the sound of rain beating the sidewalk outside my apartment.  As I laid there listening to the calming drum of nature, I gazed at the table.  I hadn’t put anything fun in between the glass in a while, so it was looking a bit blah.  On top of it sat the glamorous antique lamp with the huge pink lampshade I had found in a resale shop a few years ago in Silverlake.  While looking at the pink and gold tones in the lamp and lampshade, an idea formed in my not-yet awake brain.

I thought, what if I painted the black base of the table a pink color?  I had some cotton candy colored paint I had purchased a few weeks ago at Lowe’s as a sample paint to test on my walls.  The sample turned out to be quite a lot of paint, I figured more than enough to cover the table.  I then wondered if I should cover the pink paint with a coat of glitter mod podge.  I had used the gold glitter mod podge in a collage I made last week.  That way I could bring the pink AND the gold colors from my lamp into the table.

So last night, while wrestling with a bout of insomnia, I decided to make use of my nocturnal time and paint the table.  I brought the table out into the living room, turned on a Stone Temple Pilots concert I had recorded earlier from the Palladia channel, and started painting.  First I removed the double glass top, which was easy because it just lifts right off.  I covered the base with about three coats of the pink sheen.  I then gave it a few hours to dry as I finally got a little bit of rest.

When I woke up about three hours later, I began covering the dry pink paint with the gold glitter mod podge.  This is when the table really started to come to life.  The sun was peeking through my window blinds and the sparkle from the glitter gave the table that extra fairytale feel. 

Now, the table would have looked just fine as it was.  I could have just reinserted the glass top and been done with it.  But I thought, I should add something more to the top.  I then remembered some Alexander Henry fabric I had purchased off ebay about a month ago.  I had bought it not really having a clue what I would use it for, but it was too hilarious not to buy.  How can fabric be hilarious?  Well, when it is covered in half-naked men wearing Xmas themed clothing.  What, you don’t own hot semi-nude male holiday fabric?  That isn’t something lying around in every household?

It is almost Christmas, so what better time to utilize the comical material?  Some might think that combining a sweet and innocent pink table with images of scantily clad attractive men would be contradictory.  Those people would be wrong.  If I were a princess, I would demand nothing less than to have these men surrounding me at all times, so I think it all goes together quite nicely.

The width of the fabric was just enough to cover the glass top.  It is much longer than I needed it to be, so I cut it, which means I can use the rest of the fabric in another project I haven’t yet dreamed up yet.  I then just wrapped the excess around the back of the glass and taped it in place.

I set the covered glass top onto the table, and then set the clear glass top over it.  And there it was.  My hot Santa’s little helper glitter princess nightstand was complete!

As a bonus, I’m also including a picture of my brand new Glinda the Good Witch 6ft tall cardboard cut-out that now stands in my living room.  She is holding the pink toy guitar I used for my Jem costume this past Halloween in case she feels like jamming out.  Ooh ooh, witchy woman, she’s got the moon in her eyes.

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