You’re Perfect Yes It’s True


So instead of delving into my bleeding love for Faith No More like I did in my previous post for night one, I will list some highlights from the jaw-dropping night two.  I’ve also included the set list, and all the video footage I could find in the order the songs were played. 

-The show started and immediately we knew it was a new set list because “Reunited” had been replaced with “Pills for Breakfast”.  Band then went into “Be Aggressive”, which was also not played the first night.  I jumped and screamed like a deranged cheerleader.

-Mike Patton had replaced the red suit for the white suit.  Will he possibly be more angelic in the white?  No.  He was more devilish than ever.  Did he somehow look even hotter?  Yes.  The man gets hotter by the second.

-At one point drummer Mike Bordin had to leave the stage to pee.  Patton announced this to the crowd, and then suggested that someone who is a ‘real’ drummer get up on stage with them.  One lucky fan in a Metallica t-shirt stepped up and did a drum solo.  Bordin then took his rightful place behind the drum set and the show continued. 

-The band covered Manhattan song “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye”.  Patton belted the song out with grit and passion and heart.  I nearly passed out from lust.

-Sparks fans were treated to a collaboration of “This Town” performed by Sparks and Faith No More to start off the first encore.  Note to self: Sparks is not Jason Schwartzman. 

-As the final song of the night “Pristina” began, Patton straddled the back of the neck of the bouncer that stood in front of the stage.  The bouncer did not look like he knew this was going to happen.  Patton then rode the bouncer like a pony, saying ‘giddy up’, and directed the pony to take him to the corner of the stage.  Patton then sang on stage, stared down the crowd with severe menace, and mic in hand leapted into the mob, rolling around on top of his fans like a kid in those plastic ball pits at Chuck ‘E Cheese AS he was still singing.  Someone took incredible footage of this, and I posted it as the final video as you scroll down this post.

-Faith No More left the stage, the lights came up, and the seperation anxiety began.  It still painfully continues.

12/1/10 set list:

Pills for Breakfast, Be Aggressive, Land of Sunshine, Everything’s Ruined, Evidence, Got That Feeling, Last Cup of Sorrow, Helpless, Cuckoo for Caca, Ben (Michael Jackson cover), Ashes to Ashes, Midlife Crisis, Spirit, King For a Day, Epic, Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye (Manhattan cover), First Encore: This Town (with Sparks), Digging the Grave, Second Encore: We Care A Lot, Pristina (with Mike Patton crowd surfing).

EMI restricted playback of this “Kiss and Say Goodbye” footage on my site, but if you click on it you can watch it on youtube:

FNM closes the show with “Pristina” and Mike Patton crowd surfs.  He actually crowd surfs on top of the person who took this footage:

Danny DeVito Sidenote:

I feel that I have to say something about the apparent friendship between Mike Patton and Danny DeVito.  For those of you who don’t follow Danny DeVito on Twitter, he posts pictures of his naked ‘troll foot’ in places all around the world.  His ‘troll foot’ is his actual own foot that he calls the troll foot.  Yes, you read that right.  Follow him at:  I really never use twitter, but when I do I use it for hilarious reasons like following DeVito. 

DeVito tweeted on Nov 30th that he was at the Faith No More show, and he posted this picture of himself and his troll foot with Mike Patton backstage.

While looking at Mike Patton’s pictures on his facebook page yesterday( ), I noticed the below picture added with the caption “troll foot castle”. 

I now have the most hysterical mental picture of Patton and DeVito kicking it at the troll foot castle and it calms my FNM seperation anxiety…a little.

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