Heeey Yooou Guuuys!!!

The Goonies 25th Anniversary: Warner Brothers Employee Screening

Growing up, The Goonies was my absolute favorite movie.  My sister, mom, and I would watch The Goonies over and over again and never get sick of it.  Being the boy crazy pre-teen that I was, I of course had a giant crush on Corey Feldman.  Every picture I could find of Feldman in my Bop and Teen Beat magazines were plastered all over my bedroom, next to my Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron centerfolds.  He was dreamy.

It’s hard to believe, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of the cult classic!  To celebrate this exciting milestone, Warner Brothers hosted a special employee screening of The Goonies a few weeks ago in the beautiful Steven J. Ross theater on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. 

I’ve been working at Warner Brothers for a few months, and when I heard about the special Goonies screening, I knew I had to go.  I invited my friend Nichole, who is also a diehard fan.  We were as excited as the gang was in the beginning of the movie when they found One Eyed Willy’s treasure map in the attic.  The Cyndi Lauper song “Good Enough” from the soundtrack played in my mind for days leading up to the screening.

The only catch was that the screening was for regular employees of Warner Brothers, and while I’m working hard at becoming a permanent employee, I still technically am a ‘visitor’, an alien, an outsider.  How I covet those shiny WB badges I see dangling off the real employees’ jacket lapels and handbags.  One day, I tell myself…one day!  However, those real WB residents advised me to just go to the screening anyways, because I would “probably” get in.  There was no way my friend and I weren’t going to at least try. 

When the day finally arrived and we walked up to the theater, the line was wrapped down around a long fake street.  It was so packed we thought they were going to shut it down before we even got to the front of the line, but then finally we made it to the door.  Unfortunately, they were checking WB badges at the door.  Even though I don’t have a badge, I somehow talked our way into the screening, and luckily everyone that waited to see the movie got a seat in the packed theater.  Once Nichole and I were seated, we realized that we just pulled a very Goonies move by smuggling ourselves into the event.  They tried to turn us away but I just wouldn’t hear of it.  Goonies never say die!!

We were only a few rows back, and the audience was then treated to a pre-movie panel with The Goonies cast members, including my adolescent Teen Beat love, Mouth played by Corey Feldman!  He looked really great, with longish jet black hair that he casually kept in place with sunglasses.  He was very upbeat and appeared genuinely thrilled to be there.  Also in attendance were the Fratelli brothers played by Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano, Chunk played by Jeff Cohen (who is not at all chunky anymore), Data played by Jonathan Ke Quan, Rosalita played by Lupe Ontiveros, and legendary director Richard Donner.  They briefly chatted about what an amazing experience it was to be a part of such a classic film.  Robert Davi pointed out that the themes of hard financial times are just as relevant today as they were when the movie debuted back in 1985.  They all agreed that the movie is timeless and generations to come will continue to love and identify with it.  Then they all stepped off the platform and made their way to their seats.  Many of them had their own kids and families there to watch the movie with them.

We then watched The Goonies with the director and the stars of the film.  When an actor’s name that was there in attendance appeared on screen, the whole crowd would clap and cheer.  When the director’s name flashed on screen…more clapping and cheering.  So much clapping and cheering was happening that Nichole and I couldn’t stop giggling at the surreal hilarity of it all.  When it got to my favorite part in the movie when the gang finds the coins in the wishing well and Mouth says, “This one, this one right here.  This was my dream, my wish.  And it didn’t come true.  So I’m taking it back.  I’m taking them all back!”, the crowd erupted into more claps and cheers.  I instantly became so overwhelmed with the fact that Corey Feldman was sitting just a few rows back cheering along to his own scene and there was little ol’ me – THERE to be a part of it all! 

Corey Feldman, you can have my wishing well coins, because my Goonie dreams obviously did come true. 

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  1. nas3988 says:

    We ARE Goonies! Pinches of Power!

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