Sonic Iridescence

Have you ever become so hypnotically transfixed with the design of a music video that your eyes involuntarily glaze over?  You become so mezmerized that you can almost feel your essence transporting itself into a better tomorrow?

Three female driven videos have done that to me lately.  They make me want to redecorate my world in sequined extravagance.  They inspire me to eternally surround myself in plush fabrics and fantasy lighting.  While watching, my mind wanders to a fairytale kingdom of rolling meadows, fragrant flower petals, crunchy autumn leaves, and swimming pools as far as my eyes can see.

These videos are the champagne of visual imagery. The metallics, sparkle and glitz will rocket-launch you into a universe of unparalleled superbity.  Now sit down, press play, and savor a swig of musical menagerie.

[If the videos don’t play here on this page, click on the “Watch it on YouTube” and it will automatically redirect you to the video on youtube.]

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One Response to Sonic Iridescence

  1. J.Lo says:

    I love Florence and the Machine!

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