Back To Life Back To Reality

Today is my first day back to my daily life after a fantastic holiday break.  I took a trip back home to The Land of the Cleve, and it seriously rejuvinated my tired, worn out and weary being.  Fond memories of fabulous friends and my loving family dance in my head as I attempt to act like a functioning and responsible adult out here on my own.

I will write more entries detailing my holiday escapades soon.  For now, I just wanted to send a shout out to all the Cleveland friends and family that I love so much.  Without you, I wouldn’t have the gusto to brave my life, conquer my goals, and nurture my passions.  This California transplant is missing you with every sappy cell within me.  Cyber hugs and kisses to you all.

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7 Responses to Back To Life Back To Reality

  1. OysterSunshine says:


    Greetings from cold Cleveland, Ohio. Sure did enjoy you visit. I look forward to our next reunion.

    Your loving dad,


    • Thanks Dad! I look forward to our next Oyster Sunshine record party, pork and dumpling feast, and sitting around the table laughing at your new exercise tools. LOVE YOU! 🙂

  2. Lizard! Tsst... Tsst! says:

    So awesome having you home!! Can’t wait for the next time!! 😀

  3. You’re the best, Julia C.! Good to see ya. Great to be yo mama.

  4. nas3988 says:

    Whether we are in LA during a long stint of reality or back in the Cleve for Christmas, it doesn’t matter to me because we are together! I’m the winner!

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