Stun Me With Your Lasers

Katy Perry has a new song on her Teenage Dream album titled “E.T.”  In short, the song is about Katy doing it with an alien.  An actual alien from another planet.

It is a solid pop song.  It has a great beat, its fun to sing…its straight from the pop music receipe.

I’ve found myself replaying it alot the past few days.  However, all I can picture while listening is her doing it with E.T., from the classic movie E.T.  In my mind, they hide in that closet with all the stuffed animals, feed each other Reese’s Pieces, and probe one another. 

Everyone was so worried about her coming on to Elmo in that banned Sesame Street episode (, but she apparently wants nothing to do with that insipid red furry puppet.  Her type is obviously a scaly hairless space puppet instead. 

E.T. really turns on her heartlight. 

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3 Responses to Stun Me With Your Lasers

  1. OysterSunshine says:

    Hey Mimosa,

    Horray!! You noticed how great a song Katy Perry’s “E.T.” is. A terrific follow-up release to Perry’s “Firework”. Actually, “E.T.” appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 before “Firework”, more than likely due to downloads of “E.T.” (since I haven’t yet heard “E.T.” on the radio). Katy Perry’s a genius, and so are you, Mimosa.

  2. Freddie Jack says:

    I really like Katy Perry because she is bubbly and has a pleasing personality. `

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