A Spaceship Adventure

The Killers perform on Yo Gabba Gabba!

Attention parents, kids, Killers lovers, and stoners who like to watch Nickelodeon.  Today I made an incredible discovery that I feel compelled to share.  Unbeknownst to me since I (usually) only watch children’s programming while visiting my adorable niece in Ohio, in early 2010 The Killers performed on the popular show Yo Gabba Gabba!

This is one of my favorite kids’ shows, mostly because I really love that striped green guy with the long floppy arms.  Plus, all the characters really love to dance and sing, and as the super intense (and kinda scary) host DJ Lance Rock likes to shout, “Music is awesome!”  I like music, dancing, and primary colors, so naturally I’m drawn to this show being the mental toddler that I am.

So while watching Killers videos on YouTube, I was over the moon to discover this clip of my favorite band singing on the show about a spaceship adventure.  My eyeballs bulged out of my head as I watched this psychedelic piece of pop culture perfection.

The outfits alone are enough to send me into a hyper-endorphined tailspin.  Mark is dressed like an overgrown Ewok, Ronnie has on some sort of metallic Wonder Womanish sweatband and a popped collar made of tinfoil, Dave looks like someone’s mom made him a robot suit by repurposing a mummy costume and spray-painting it gold, and Brandon resembles a Thriller video Michael Jackson astronaut.

The song is a happy little kid’s dream.  My favorite line is “flying through the galaxy, we’ll travel far to see sparkle and beauty.”  I now want to make a spacesuit out of old pots and pans and fly off with them, exploring solar systems while joyriding along shooting stars.

Green floppy guy can come along too.

The full episode is available on the Yo Gabba Gabba! Clubhouse DVD released in June of 2010, available from Amazon and many other retailers.


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