Kitty Purry

Katy Perry’s new perfume “Purr” is in stores now.  Cool, I guess, but more exciting are her new ads for the scent.  In the violet hued print campaign, Katy crawls around a hot pink mirrored floor dressed in a purple rubber cat suit. 

I’m a girl who is into guys…or at least I thought I was.  It is quite possible she just turned me into a lesbian furry.

Photography by Miles Aldridge.

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2 Responses to Kitty Purry

  1. OysterSunshine says:

    Long live Katy Perry and her new fragrance. And long live Mimosa Meltdown who admits to appreciating both genders. I myself am a guy who really likes Katy Perry and Lady Gaga (as well as numerous other female singers), but I also appreciate Sufjan Stevens, Brandon Flowers, and Bruce Springsteen (as well as countless other male artists).

  2. nas3988 says:

    A lesbian furry! Haaaaaa!

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