Femme Fatales

I used to absolutely obsess over J. J. Abrams’ ass-kicking female spy hit Alias.  Something about a strong, sexy woman sleuthing her way about town really gets my blood flowing, as if her strength is somehow transferred to me, making me feel newly empowered.

I’ve recently discovered two music videos featuring gorgeous female spy types.  Both videos seem to begin in the middle of the story, so you don’t quite get a sense of what is fully happening, but the mystery is intriguing.  I feel that sometimes it is almost more interesting for a video not to tell a complete story, that way the song still has a vagueness where the viewer/listener can fill in the gaps. 

Warning: These videos will send a back-stabbing, high-heeled drop kick to your senses.  The first is the video for Cee Lo Green’s Bright Lights Bigger City.  The song is one of those grand, booming tracks meant to be blasted from the speakers of a luxury convertible while driving around the city on weekend night.  The second is LCD Soundsystem’s video for Pow Pow, which stars Anna Kendrick, of Twilight and Up In The Air fame.  She is known for being a cute, sort of girl-next-door actress, but this video transforms her into a dangerous superpowered vixen. 

[Copyright Note: Once you click the play button in the video box below, you then have to click the “Watch on YouTube” link.  A new YouTube window will then pull up and the video will automatically play.]

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