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Mother Monster

Lady Gaga’s seven minute video for Born This Way debuted this morning.  The video is solid sci-fi gold.  The Nick Knight directed video contains some Superman and Barbarella elements, and includes a super slippery blobbering vixen birth.  Unicorns, zombie faces, space dancing…yes please! … Continue reading

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Bars on Mars

The remix for Katy Perry’s newest single E.T. featuring Kanye West was released today, and is now available for download on iTunes.  While I like the reworked version, I’m more partial to the original.  E.T. is my favorite Katy Perry song, so … Continue reading

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Monumental Musical Mashups…with Muppets

Ce Lo Green delighted the world this past Sunday with a muppet packed performance of Forget You, likely forcing all other artists who performed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards to wonder, “Damn it!  Why didn’t I think of muppets??!!”.  The … Continue reading

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Sometimes Falling Feels Like Flying, For A Little While

Crazy Heart is perseverance, regret, talent, authenticity, romance, and a little bit of hope, bumping along American dirt highways in a 1978 Suburban.  The film is simply one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen.

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Don’t Be A Drag Just Be A Queen

Lady Gaga’s infectious new single Born This Way debuted today at 6am PST.  The track automatically plays when you log onto, and is available for download on iTunes.  It has since become the fastest selling track in iTunes history, rocketing to the number … Continue reading

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Out of This World

Sometimes when I’m forced to sit with only my thoughts, like if I’m at a traffic light or I’m at work waiting for a slow internet page to load, I stare out the window and fantasize that a giant UFO … Continue reading

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Gaga’s Golden Spaceship

LADY GAGA “BORN THIS WAY” “It’s beautiful.  Like a golden spaceship touching down on a rainbow runway in a field of mint.” – DJ White Shadows speaking today to Billboard magazine about Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, set to be released … Continue reading

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