Gaga’s Golden Spaceship


“It’s beautiful.  Like a golden spaceship touching down on a rainbow runway in a field of mint.” – DJ White Shadows speaking today to Billboard magazine about Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, set to be released on May 23, 2011.  Shadows is one of the producers of the album, including the highly anticipated new single Born This Way, which will hit the airwaves on February 13.

The racy album art for the single is almost confrontational, in a very ‘Yeah, I’m strutting down a dark alleyway wearing nothing but this bad ass jacket so what are YOU going to do about it?’ kind of way.  The photo is reminiscent of that iconic image of George Michael’s bum in his Faith video. 

The cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA also comes to mind.

And let us not forget the cover of the latest album release by the Scissor Sisters for Nightwork.

This is America, and nothing says freedom of expression quite like some super sexy ass shots.  I’m pretty sure that is a direct quote by George Washington or Abe Lincoln or some other super patriotic American forefather from long ago.

Looking forward to the spaceship touchdown, Ms. Gaga.

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