Out of This World

Sometimes when I’m forced to sit with only my thoughts, like if I’m at a traffic light or I’m at work waiting for a slow internet page to load, I stare out the window and fantasize that a giant UFO is descending upon the earth.  That at the exact moment I decided to glance outside, alien life force has touched down on the rooftop of the building in my eye line. 

These thoughts occur to me the most when its dark outside.  I envision the most glorious round aircraft looming above with flashing lights all colors of the rainbow. 

And this isn’t some sort of waking nightmare.  It is more like a romantic daydream.  In fact, my brain will go something like this, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone great and fall in love?  What if a spaceship landed right there?” 

In my internal fairytale, the alien invasion is like a salvation, a rescue from the walls of our everyday reality.  I don’t long to witness destruction and mayhem, but instead to be a part of a total and complete revamp of the world as we know it.  And on the aircraft, maybe there are highly intelligent space-soaring dinosaurs returning home after millions of years, or even an intergalactic dreamboat with all of the answers to the Lost finale.

Dear alien soulmate, I’m ready for you now.

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One Response to Out of This World

  1. OysterSunshine says:

    Dear Romantic Daydreamer (aka Mimosa Meltdown),

    Nice dream. Our world could certainly use a makeover, one which would help Earthlings be nicer to one another. Perhaps a Katy-Perry-like-E.T. could descend for a visit.

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