Don’t Be A Drag Just Be A Queen

Lady Gaga’s infectious new single Born This Way debuted today at 6am PST.  The track automatically plays when you log onto, and is available for download on iTunes.  It has since become the fastest selling track in iTunes history, rocketing to the number 1 spot in just three short hours.

Reviewers galore are already saying the song sounds similar to Madonna’s Express Yourself.  While the beat is faintly reminiscent of the now 22-year-old empowerment anthem,  Born This Way is more today, more tomorrow.  It is the type of song meant to be blasted at deafening decibels in the biggest, darkest, most exotic club in Gotham City.

Born This Way does have a familiar message about embracing one’s own individuality.  But while Express Yourself tells us to stop being docile in romantic relationships, to tell our partner what we want, to demand our needs are being met, Born This Way takes it further by telling us to demand the WORLD gives us what we need, reminding us to stop trying to fit into a mainstream mold.  It is sonically catapulting us into an era of pure freak flag waving pride. 

Lady Gaga doesn’t hide her admiration for Madonna, and vice versa.  Lady Gaga isn’t trying to rip away Queen Madge’s crown.  So music critics and Madonna fans (and I am a HUGE Madonna fan) don’t need to feel so threatened.  Both strong, blonde, boundary pushing goddesses can coexist in pop soaring stardom.

Lady Gaga will perform Born This Way this Sunday, February 13th, at The Grammy Awards.  I, for one, will be watching.

[Copyright Note: Once you click the play button in the video box below, you then have to click the “Watch on YouTube” link.  A new YouTube window will then pull up and the song will automatically play.  The official video has not been released yet, so it is currently strictly audio.]

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