Bars on Mars

The remix for Katy Perry’s newest single E.T. featuring Kanye West was released today, and is now available for download on iTunes. 

While I like the reworked version, I’m more partial to the original.  E.T. is my favorite Katy Perry song, so I’m feeling oddly protective of it.  This version takes out a really pretty bridge from the middle of the song.  Not only do I love the way Katy sings it, but the words are clever. “This is transcendental.  On another level.  Boy, you’re my lucky star.  I wanna walk on your wavelength.  And be there when you vibrate.  For you, I’d risk it all.”  That verse is now lost in space.

Ok, fine, it’s a remix, whatever.  But now that I know Kanye will be in the video, I’m realizing that I had these weird fantasies about what the video for E.T. might be like.  The more I think about it, I realize basically I’m disappointed that she didn’t pick 80s sitcom star ALF to collaborate with her on this remix.  In the video they could have flown around on little mini rockets, chasing stray cats.  Maybe they would have run into Garfield and then gone out to dinner for lasagna.

Or, better yet, Jane Fonda could have joined in on the otherworldly action dressed as Barbarella.  Who better to guide Katy through her newfound lust for space creatures than the queen of intergalactic orgasms?  They could have had a lot of fun with Durand Durand’s pleasure organ.  If you don’t know what that means, you really need to add Barbarella to your Netflix queue ASAP.

But alas, Kanye is Katy’s partner in space sexing crimes.  I will just need to accept this.  I think I will come around, because Kanye’s lyric “I’m gonna disrobe you then I’m gonna probe you” is sure to be the funniest to hit Billboard’s #1 spot since Weird Al Yankovic was topping charts.

[Copyright Note: Once you click the play button in the video box below, you then have to click the “Watch on YouTube” link.  A new YouTube window will then pull up and the song will automatically play.  The official video has not been released yet, so it is currently strictly audio.]

Katy Perry and Kanye West on the set of the E.T. video.  Photo posted yesterday on Katy Perry’s Facebook and Twitter:

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