Mother Monster

Lady Gaga’s seven minute video for Born This Way debuted this morning.  The video is solid sci-fi gold. 

The Nick Knight directed video contains some Superman and Barbarella elements, and includes a super slippery blobbering vixen birth. 

Unicorns, zombie faces, space dancing…yes please!

Now I really want to be a pink-haired tuxedo zombie next Halloween.

[Copyright Note: Once you click the play button in the video box, you then have to click the “Watch on YouTube” link.  A new YouTube window will then pull up and the video will automatically play.]

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2 Responses to Mother Monster

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  2. Catherine Burnes says:

    Your monster mother is very very frightened by the scary shrunken head above.
    She must shop at Sephora for those big beautiful blue terrifying eyes.

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