Fight Fade. Shine.

I custom-made this collage for my Mom last week for her birthday.   This is the first collage I tried out using both silver and gold mod podge.  Today was her birthday and she called me once she opened it to say she really loves it which makes me so happy.  I love you so much Mom!  You truly encourage me to shine.

When I spoke to my mom today, my 4-year-old niece was at her house.  She got on the phone and said, “You got me a box!”, with the most excited squeal.  My niece Ila loves to fold her tiny body inside of empty boxes, so she had been playing inside the box ever since my mom opened it to reveal her birthday presents inside.  Yes, little Ila thought I sent her an empty box just for her.  She then said, “And you sent me bubbles to pop!”, referring to the bubble wrap I had used to protect the gifts during shipping.  The sheer joy in her voice over mailing supplies was just beyond adorable.  Ila, your Auntie loves you so much!  Your Auntie will also be saving lots of money when she gives you 10 empty boxes filled with bubble wrap as your only gifts next Christmas.

I also had a nice conversation with my sister.  My sister Alison inspired me to start making collages when she sent me a beautiful collage she custom-made for me for my birthday last year.  We one day soon hope to open up our own Etsy shop to share our collage art with the world.  Love you Allie Oop!

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