Sex and Sorcery

It is official.  I’ve finally found a fresh, productive, non-damaging, personally fulfilling stress reliever.  Writing has always been my go to expressive medium, but the last thing I want to be is a one trick pony.  I’d rather be a tricked out unicorn. 

And while it is true that collaging will never be as dangerously cool as late night after parties and shots of tequila, the worst thing collaging does to me is leave me with dried up glittery glue beneath my fingernails.  Beats a hangover any day.  And, I’ve found, it also helps to cure a hangover. 

While making a collage for my friend’s birthday last week, I decided to take some cute strawberry patterned cocktail napkins I had purchased at Pier 1 a while back, rip open the cellophane, and glitter modge podge pieces of the light paper to the picture frame.  I was pretty excited about the turn out.  It ended up looking like a fabric frame, which really has opened my mind to new possibilities for future projects.

So when I made another collage a few days ago, I used the same napkins for this new frame.  The theme for this collage called Sex and Sorcery is exotic eroticism at the circus.  It’s a real thing.  I just invented it.

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One Response to Sex and Sorcery

  1. tomachfive says:

    stimulating! ^_^

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