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The Joy Ride To Hell and Back

Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way transports me to a dark warehouse of flashing lights, flickering glow sticks, and an all night dance party where I’m wearing the tightest dress and highest heels and my body is perfect.  I move against … Continue reading

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The Bible Guarantees It

So I hear this Rapture thing is happening this Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Since I can’t decide what to wear when I finally meet our Creator, I shall instead offer these five embarrassing confessions to The Almighty before Judgment Day so that he might reconsider … Continue reading

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Skirt lifting lust.  That illogical panic of needing to crawl inside the womb-like cocoon of someone’s flesh.  The incomprehensible, filthy desire.  The uncensored throbbing yearn for that primal connection.  When you’ve completely morphed into a defeated, defenseless, quivering, panting heap of sweaty codependent limbs.  The tear-stained beg for … Continue reading

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Fantastic Slide Slide Slippity Slide

When I was a teenager, I often used to wonder what it would feel like to be an adult.  To be a grown up.  I pictured myself in lots of skirt suits with a bun in my hair, having everything … Continue reading

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The Guy With Kaleidoscope Eyes

 THE JEFFREY FULVIMARI INTERVIEW by Julia Charvat Jeffrey Fulvimari is one of those fortunate, rare souls with a highly-tuned internal magnet for attracting greatness.  He is a creative pinwheel, swirling the world into a trance with his hypnotic, multifaceted imagination.  He has illustrated thirteen of Madonna’s The … Continue reading

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The Cartwheeling Superhero

I drive down Hollywood Way in Burbank to get to work every morning.  I always pass through Chandler Blvd.  There is a bike/run path that crosses that intersection, so most mornings I see a few tanned, toned, jaunty runners jogging in place, … Continue reading

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Skinemax To The Cineplex: The Mark Weiler Journey

Anyone who has ever pursued a dream knows there are no maps to the yellow brick road, no directions on the back of the box, and no scientific formula for achievement.  No one knows this more than an actor trying to … Continue reading

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