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Who Run This Mother…GIRLS

Stomp the fuck out of that warrior dance, Queen B.  We’re flipping our hair and marching to the beat right behind you.

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Fraggle Rockstars

I’ve made it no secret how much I love Jim Henson’s floppy felt friends.  Nor do I hide my undying admiration for the Scissor Sisters.  I just read that the Scissor Sisters may be scoring the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie.  Imagine how big … Continue reading

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Headphone High

Sometimes when I get a really intense massage, I can be brought to tears.  The masseuse hits that spot and involuntarily tears spring up from the depths of an internal memory locker I never realized existed.   So many songs have that same effect on me.  The song … Continue reading

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Virtual Insanity

Sometimes when I leave a room, I have a hard time imagining the space still exists when I’m not there.  Like today, I’m trying to imagine my apartment while I sit here at work.  I was home sick for a … Continue reading

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Head Trip

I used to think that only other jerks were somebodies.  I couldn’t be one.  Not a real one.  I’m just me.  Just me.  Just me.  Me.  Me as a sum of accepted limitations.  Me as an explanation for just ok.  But…I think … Continue reading

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