Head Trip

I used to think that only other jerks were somebodies.  I couldn’t be one.  Not a real one.  I’m just me.  Just me.  Just me.  Me. 

Me as a sum of accepted limitations.  Me as an explanation for just ok. 

But…I think I see now.  A flash.  Something just over there.  Vast galaxies flickering in the night. 

Signaling for a discovery. 

I’m strapping on my moon boots.  I’m climbing into my spaceship. 

My heart is beating.  My heart is pounding.

I’m cleared for take off…

Dedicated to my Dad a.k.a. Oyster Sunshine.  Written while listening to his song recommendation: Fleet Foxes “Grown Ocean”.

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One Response to Head Trip

  1. OysterSunshine says:

    I lovingly accept this most heartfelt, daughterly gesture. Dedicating this post to me speaks volumes of the affection my daughter and I have for one another. To have included in this post a beautiful essay, a magnificent collage, and a song by the Fleet Foxes (whom I consider a great group) makes this dedication truly remarkable. The song “Grown Ocean” is a gem, as is my daughter Mimosa.

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