Things On Your Chest You Need To Confess

True Blood is raw and sexy and dark and beyond twisted, and Depeche Mode has been paving that poorly lit dirt road to sin since the early 80s.  So when True Blood licensed Depeche Mode’s Corrupt for one of their promos a few years ago, I cosmically felt the stars align above us.  It was so perfect, so effortless, so RIGHT.  The marriage of the two giant entities throbbed with synchronicity.  Because True Blood fans, or “Trubies” as they are called, aren’t just fans.  They are fanatics.  They ache for Vampire Eric and call out to Sookie in their sleep.  And people don’t just sort of like Depeche Mode.  No.  If you listen to Depeche Mode, you probably are obsessed and have been to multiple shows and have had more than one sex dream about David Gahan.  To join the two together in an explosive promo for the series was a hardcore double penetration for the panting audience. 

Never again did I think such genius could strike twice.  No way could such brilliance be recreated.  But it has happened again.  Because the equally fucked up series Dexter has just debuted a shiny new promo for the upcoming season, and what song is playing?  Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode, covered by Marilyn Manson.  Thank you heaven or hell or whoever is responsible.  Personal Jesus may as well be Dexter Morgan’s theme song.  Dexter is constantly struggling with right and wrong, praying for his dark passenger to one day set him free.  He follows his code, his rules, his personal vigilante religion.  What better song to blare while we watch stacatto flashes of Dexter’s next violent chapter?

I’m officially obsessed.  I actually tear up while watching it.  My heart races and my eyes bulge and my skin flushes and I just stare in blissed out awe.

Depeche Mode continues to be one of the most successful bands in the world, and you can pick up or download their new album Remixes 2 ’81-11 right now.  Dexter returns to Showtime on October 2nd.  Until then, I’ll be watching this promo on a masturbatorial loop.

Dexter Season 6 Trailer:

True Blood Season Two Finale Episode Trailer:

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