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Lunar Broadcast

Lykke Li is a haunting, space-soaring Barbarella.  Looking into her eyes is like free-falling along galaxies.  She really just might be singing from the moon. This week I won free tickets to her November 7th show at the Fox Theater … Continue reading

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Ever since witches were introduced into the plot of True Blood this season, the song Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees has been playing in my head as I watch the episodes.  Tonight’s episode titled Spellbound finally used the song over the … Continue reading

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Horsing Around

Today at work I was asked to run over to the commissary to pick up my boss’s lunch.  When I turned the corner to head down the alley to the take out window, the most beautiful espresso colored pony was walking towards me.  He … Continue reading

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Sadness Is My Boyfriend

Lykke Li: Sadness Is A Blessing Lykke Li has the sensuality of PJ Harvey with the looks of Bijou Phillips.  Extra points for casting Stellan Skarsgard, Swedish actor and father of Alexander Skarsgard. Sometimes sadness can feel more intoxicating than love.  … Continue reading

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I’m Just Pretty Some Of The Time

Robyn – Who’s That Girl I feel like she’s gazing deep into all of my insecurities and somehow turning them into a beat that I can dance to forever.  And I really want that majorette outfit.

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