Somewhere Over The Rainbow


I often joke (am sort of serious) that I am a good witch.  There have been many instances where I’ve wished for things to happen and then they happen just as I had hoped, or even better than I could ever have hoped.  Well, during my summer vacation back in Ohio last week, I discovered that my 6 year-old niece Ila may also have been blessed with this good witch gene.

Ila had been begging my sister for a while to get her a kitten.  She said she really wanted a kitten and she wanted to name it “Rainbow”.  Finally my sister caved and they went to pick out a new kitten for Ila.  There was a litter of kittens, and Ila picked out the one she liked most, which was a pitch black cat.

Once she had decided on the kitten she would take home, they were told the name of the kitten.  The kitten’s name was “Rainbow”.

They both told me this story while we were cuddling with Rainbow.  Ila looked at me and said, “Yeah, she was already named Rainbow!”, her eyes wide and incredulous.  And I swear I saw a twinkle spark out of her eye.  I wanted to take her into my arms and spin her around and tell her all of the glory and spoils of being a good witch.  But I decided to let little Ila discover her powers on her own.  I sense that she has tapped into a cosmic pocket of positivity, where good things can happen as long as you allow the joy of the wish overwhelm any obstacle.  And she doesn’t need me to explain that to her because she’s already figured it out.

And she figured it out years before I ever did.  Like about 20 years earlier.  If anything she should be explaining the powers to me.  I miss her so much being out here in California, but it makes it easier knowing she is back there, snuggling with Rainbow and turning her hopes into a magical reality.


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One Response to Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Alison says “it’s nice to see a different perspective of how Ila is every day, and it’s so beautiful to know you’re thinking of her and writing about her.” Grandma Burnes says, “Ditto!”

    Sista, your writing is wonderous! Your perspective makes the simple things of life magical and spectacular! I could’nt imagine having anyone else as my sister and daughter, the Carolines and Roses of my life! We are all sparkling fireworks over Lake Erie, on the forth of July!

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