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Hazy Shade of Andrew McCarthy

There’s something about the clueless, deer in headlights, vacant gaze of Andrew McCarthy that just fills up my insides with fluttering baby butterflies.  Objectively, he isn’t really all that special to look at.  In fact, it stands to be one … Continue reading

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Skinemax To The Cineplex: The Mark Weiler Journey

Anyone who has ever pursued a dream knows there are no maps to the yellow brick road, no directions on the back of the box, and no scientific formula for achievement.  No one knows this more than an actor trying to … Continue reading

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Sometimes Falling Feels Like Flying, For A Little While

Crazy Heart is perseverance, regret, talent, authenticity, romance, and a little bit of hope, bumping along American dirt highways in a 1978 Suburban.  The film is simply one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen.

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Polaroid Prisms

I want my life to be drenched in the golden light of vintage polaroids.  The casual coolness of a weathered dark denim jacket.  The glow of Farrah Fawcett’s hair and skin in that iconic picture of her in all her … Continue reading

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Heeey Yooou Guuuys!!!

The Goonies 25th Anniversary: Warner Brothers Employee Screening Growing up, The Goonies was my absolute favorite movie.  My sister, mom, and I would watch The Goonies over and over again and never get sick of it.  Being the boy crazy … Continue reading

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The Lost Vampires

I’m all for the current vampire craze.  True Blood is just plain hot.  But what about the vampires of our childhood?  They deserve some mortal love too.  Is it just me, or is Count Chocula kind of attractive?  He has a bottomless bowl … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’

I just finished watching “My Date With Drew.”  I on-demanded it from Showtime mainly because it was between that, a Hilary Duff movie, or watching the movie “Heathers” for the up-teenth time.  And while I love a little high school … Continue reading

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