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Reflections in Funhouse Mirrors

If I use Crest Whitestrips and moisturize my face and condition my hair and eat like a vegan bird and always smile and wear expensive makeup and only post attractive pictures of myself on social networks…then my life will be … Continue reading

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Lackadaisical Vagabond

I’m almost always vulnerable to the invasion.  That light tapping at my brain that slowly pokes harder and harder.  The apathetic sleep burglar is here, a lackadaisical vagabond arriving in the dead of night to churn up the molecules in … Continue reading

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The Hip Hop Cucumber

This past Saturday night, a few friends and I attended the Scissor Sisters concert at The Hollywood Palladium.  We met at The Well, this really great, dark, loungy bar in the building across the street from the concert venue.  I … Continue reading

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The problem with reinvention is that eventually you get tired of the improved you.  You can possibly fool the new people in your life into thinking you are this fresh face.  This smiling evolved goody goody.  But your body remembers.  Your … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Rick Roll

Last night’s dream: I tried to go to a rave at a gas station in my hometown but I lost my ID and spent the whole night looking for it in giant pockets in my purse.  Then I met the … Continue reading

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I’m both feet deep into a bottle of mediocre red wine.  I just have to break this hibernation.  Crawl out of the lazy bear cave.  Nothing has been sounding right lately.  I try and write something, and it sounds forced, like I’m trying way … Continue reading

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Horsing Around

Today at work I was asked to run over to the commissary to pick up my boss’s lunch.  When I turned the corner to head down the alley to the take out window, the most beautiful espresso colored pony was walking towards me.  He … Continue reading

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