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The Bible Guarantees It

So I hear this Rapture thing is happening this Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Since I can’t decide what to wear when I finally meet our Creator, I shall instead offer these five embarrassing confessions to The Almighty before Judgment Day so that he might reconsider … Continue reading

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Waiting To Be Seized

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Sometimes, after a long day at work, what really soothes my mind is jamming out to some classic rock on my very short drive home.  So last evening, with my windows rolled down, I tuned into 100.3 The Sound to find some … Continue reading

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Leave It To Bieber

Excuse me world, but why is Justin Bieber on the cover of the February 2011 issue of Vanity Fair?  And why oh why is he covered in kisses?  Whoever gave him those kisses should probably be in jail for smooching on a fetus.  And … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now

So, it’s looking more and more like this whole apocalypse thing is gonna happen.  Birds are falling from the sky, dead fish are washing to shore, the E! show Bridalplasty exists…it isn’t looking good for us. I myself get an almost euphoric feeling when … Continue reading

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